Hipster Post-Doc Wishes To Be Called A Science Craftsperson

New lab post-doc Dr. Hugh Jorgan has earlier today asked the rest of the people in the lab to stop referring to him as a scientist or researcher.  Instead, Dr Jorgan has said he wishes to be called a “Science Craftsperson”.

In an interview with The Allium, Dr. Jorgan said “I’m hoping to focus on a particular kind of science, you probably wouldn’t understand, it’s a bit obscure.  You know, old school, but avant-garde at the same time”

“I was thinking of working on CRISPr technology, in part because I like the use of the letter ‘r’, but unlike everybody else, I was going to study it ironically”

“But now that it’s mainstream, it no longer interests me.”

“I’m stocking my lab with stuff I bought on eBay for less than $1 and I’m making all my protocols open-access on Instagram.”

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