Tragic Student Slips Into Coma During Genome Sequencing Lecture

Ithaca, New York – Tragic sophomore student June Bugg slipped into a coma earlier today with five minutes to go in her lecture on genome sequencing protocols.  She was brought to hospital, where doctors give her only a small chance of wanting to recover.

Ms. Bugg was showing signs of discomfort when the lecturer started talking about bridge amplification, and at this point, some of Ms Bugg’s classmates noticed her eyes started rolling uncontrollably and she was heard to sigh frequently.

However, early reports from the scene suggest that the rest of the class were pretty much imobilized by boredom and nobody thought to intervene.

Later, as her condition deteriorated, Ms Bugg started foaming at the mouth and crying “Why me, Lord? Why me?”

Ms Bugg’s parents have asked people to keep June in their thoughts and any donations should be sent to the charity “Christians Against Genome Sequencing”

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