Thesis Advisor Just Wondering If You Were Thinking Of Writing Up Soon

Bethesda – In a slightly uncomfortable encounter earlier today, thesis advisor Don Snow nonchalantly asked graduate student Herb Kippling if he was planning on “making a bit of a start” on “the old thesis” any time soon.

Dr. Snow felt that he had affected an air of mild paternalistic enquiry, while PhD student, Mr. Kippling has reported that the incident was hectoring in tone, uncomfortable and he felt that he was unwanted.

In reply, Dr. Snow said that he intended nothing of the sort and was merely trying to organize his timetable for this Fall and was wondering if he might have to set aside some time to read over the thesis, or would it go on and on again for yet another year and then maybe another year, or what the fuck was the story?

“I wish I had ignored my Dad and joined the circus, like I wanted to”

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