Tears Of Joy At Conference As Bioinformaticist Says “I Won’t Go Into Detail Of Algorithm”

WASHINGTON DC – At a human genomics meeting today, there was widespread relief during the fourth talk of the day, when the bioinformaticist that was speaking told the audience “I am not going to go through the details of my algorithm”.

Fears had mounted early in the talk as it became clear that the speaker was going to deviate somewhat from the original topic as outlined in the program.

Most were under the impression that the talk was going to be about new genomic data and some discoveries of biological significance.

Slide number 4, however, was titled “A New Algorithm” prompting a series of loud sighs, a small rush for the door by those who were standing at the back and an overall feeling among the audience of “Shoot me now”.

“At this stage”, said one of the delegates, “we feared the worst.  Some of my colleagues were openly weeping, some were grinding their teeth and one or two were clearly about to turn to religion”

“It was a dark, dark place in which we found ourselves”.

“However, almost immediately, the speaker reassured us that he was not going to go into the details of the algorithm”

“After a momentary silence, which allowed the wonderful news to sink in, the room erupted in cheers.”

“It was awesome.  People hugged each other.  Scientists that have hated each other for years put away their old animosities and shook hands.  I even saw a Scottish delegate and an English delegate embracing.”

“I’m not ashamed to say, there were tears in my eyes.  I’ll never forget this day”.

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