Scientist’s Career Dies After 4-Year Battle With Grant Proposal

London, UK – Investigator, Candace Spencer’s career, passed away this morning after a 4-year battle with a crappy grant proposal.

Dr. Spencer, who kept her battle a secret from her colleagues, was having her career mourned by her family and friends yesterday.

“Day in, day out, she would get up in the morning and steel herself for the battle ahead of her”, said her Mom, Tania.

“She had her good days and she had her bad days, the proposal was rejected from 14 agencies over the past 4 years, but she stuck with it”

“There were some sentences in that grant proposal that were just brutal”, said Tania “They beat Candace up every single day and still she took her beating without a word.”

“But you could see the terrible toll it took on her.  She stopped dressing normally and she looked like a homeless person.   She smelled quite bad”.

“In the end, Candace’s career passed away quietly in its sleep, surrounded by friends, relatives and mountains of dog-eared manuscripts”


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