Post-doc with his money
Post-doc with his money

Post-Doc Unsure He Will Ever Be Able To Spend His Huge Salary

Post-doc Harry Sachs confirmed to The Allium earlier today that has was not quite sure what he would do with all the money he is earning.

“It’s the same every month”, said Dr. Sachs “huge, difficult decisions on how to spend my salary”

“I have to ask myself whether I want to buy a Ferrari again or whether I would prefer to buy a Lamborghini this time”.

“Last month, I bought a racehorse, the month before I bought a football team, it’s getting so boring now having to buy things, but what else can I do with the vast, enormous amounts of money I get in my salary?”

“Often I find somebody less fortunate than I, just to give away some of my money – like, maybe a Wall Street investment banker, or a Khardashian or something.”

“It is no wonder people are dropping out of science – the pressure is so huge when you earn such an enormous amount of money. This is probably what is forcing people out of science.”

“Probably the funniest thing about being a post-doc is that I still haven’t figured out my payslip – I don’t know which number is my salary and which number is my phone number.”

“But I just don’t care – I earn such a vast amount of money it doesn’t matter.”

“It’s just so great to be a post-doc, because you earn so much money.”

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