Upset PhD graduate
Upset PhD graduate

New PhD graduate “in good spirits” after Bank issues Credit Card calling him “Mr”

New PhD graduate, Dr. Armand Hammer, is said to be recovering well from his ordeal this week when his bank sent him his new credit card and had neglected to change his titleĀ from Mr to Dr.

Dr. Hammer was being comforted by friends and family last night as the shock and disappointment overwhelmed him.

“We have given him a small sedative”, said family friend Foster Childs “and we have been cheering him up with stories of things we did as kids – you know, just trying to keep his mind off the whole “incident”.”

“We are all so angry right now at the bank and we are planning on sending a strongly worded letter to the manager to make sure this doesn’t happen to other new PhD graduates.”

“We are probably going to get a kickstarter campaign going or we might set up a non-profit to help people in this situation.”

“It’s so sad.”

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