Infected Wound with Microbiome
Infected Wound with Microbiome

“Microbiome of Wounds” to be renamed “Infection”

In an editorial simultaneously published in The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Science and The International Journal of Dairy Technology, the world’s leading researchers in infectious diseases have proposed the radical concept that “Microbiome of Wounds” should be renamed “Infection”.

The editorial has caused consternation, with many people protesting that it just didn’t sound complicated enough.

Speaking to The Allium, infectious disease molecular epidemiology evolutionist, Dr. Andy Friese said “How can they suggest that this is even science? I mean, it doesn’t even end in an ome.  Everybody knows that real science ends in ome”.

Not everybody was as quick to dismiss the idea.  Professor B. A. Ware from Imperial College London told The Allium that he thought it might catch on eventually.

“Today it is very important to tweet everything about your career, work and personal life and “Microbiome of Wounds” just takes up too much space.

“It might work.”

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