Microbiologist found “safe and well” after five days lost in #ASM2014 poster room

Microbiologist Jackie Haas has been found safe and well following a five day ordeal in the poster room at the American Society for Microbiology meeting in Boston this year.

Dr. Haas was last seen wandering around the poster room, dazed and confused.  Friends say he was looking for poster number 1,344,562,440,006,988,391 and simply took a wrong turn and ended up in a dangerous part of the poster room.

The Boston Police Department were being praised today for their dedication and determination in finding Dr. Haas.  The police department brought in sniffer dogs, drones, Infra-red cameras and heat detectors in an effort to locate the lost professor.

Speaking from Massachusetts General Hospital front steps, medics said that Dr. Haas was dehydrated and malnourished, having had to survive on some plastic pipette tips, a small amount of PCR oil and MacConkey broth he found.

He is likely to make a full recovery and is eager to attend ASM2015 in New Orleans, though he says he will bring some sandwiches.

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