Mafia Bosses Voice “Deep Respect” For Closed-Access Journals

New Jersey (undisclosed location) – In an exclusive interview today with The Allium, Mafia boss,  Salvatore “Tiny Salvo” Genovese expressed his “profound admiration and deep respect” for closed access journals.

“I thought we had a good racket going in Jersey in the fifties”, said Mr. Genovese, “but we got nothin’ on these guys.  For sure, its a different kinda Garbage Business, but its a good business.  They got my respect.”

“There’s two major families – the London family like to call themselves The Nature family and the American family call themselves The Science family.”

“I don’t think the families like each other, but they got peace.  For a generation at least, they ain’t gone to the Mattresses or nothin’. They got peace.  Everybody gets a piece of the action.  Again, I respect this.  Don’t let nothin get in the way of business.”

“They got captains, the same as we got.  But they don’t call ’em Captains.  They call them “Editors”.  See, I like that.  Editors.  Its got a ring to it.  It’s got class”.

“These editors put the squeeze on these ordinary joe-mchmoe scientists and somehow they kick up their entire product to the Editors.  The whole thing.  On our best day in Brooklyn, we only got maybe 10%.  This is the greatest business of all time.”

“But, listen to this.  The Editors don’t even do the dirty work. They got these soldiers they call “Associate Editors”.  Again I think this is real class.  I like this.  I like it very much.”

“I guess these Associate Editors don’t got their vow of Omertà taken yet, or somethin’.  Maybe if they do this job for long enough, they get to be made guys? I dunno.”

“So the Associate Editor soldiers handle the product, the Editors stay above it all and they only step in if there is trouble.  But – get this – there ain’t never no trouble.  If any of the people they are shaking down gets a bit uppity, then they can simply make their career go sleep with the fishes.  Nobody complains. ”

“But my informants tell me they is some trouble brewing.  Some new guys that don’t want to do no more closed-access.  They want open-access.  Its a different kinda racket, different mobsters, different kinda shakedown.”

“Our peace maybe disrupted and this makes me unhappy.  This could be a tragedy for the families.”

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