Hostages Finally Free After Four-Hour Lab Ordeal

Fifty seven hostages were freed yesterday after enduring a gruelling, and at times sickening, four-hour practical at the hands of their captors.

Police report that many of the hostages are “badly shaken”, but most seem unharmed though it may be some time before the true psychological effects of this lab practical are known.

There were tears of joy at news of the hostage release.  Parents and friends had been waiting for this news for hours and hours and hours – some for nearly four hours.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare”, said one parent who agreed to be interviewed by The Allium, “some of them are still just teenagers.”

During the crisis, tensions were never higher that they were just before the end.  The hostages report that they were quite positive they were going to be released, but just as they were about to go, the lead demonstrator decided to do a short summary lecture.

“We thought we were never going to get out alive”, said one of the captives “I thought I would never see my mom again.  I was close to giving up the will to live”, he sobbed.

Speaking outside the laboratory, Police Chief, Art Major said to the waiting reporters “What we have seen here today is the unbreakable human spirit.  Most of us will never know what these people have gone through, but they have survived and what they learned in that hell-hole will make them stronger”.

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