Worried Graduate Student

Graduate Student Worried His PhD Might Be Interfering With His Drinking

Graduate student Armand Hammer revealed this morning that he was becoming concerned about his doctoral studies and how they are interfering with his drinking.

“At first, it was just an experiment here and an experiment there, nothing major”, said Mr. Hammer.

“But then I found myself doing an experiment pretty much every day.  I’d get up in the morning and the first thing I would think about was getting my hands on an experiment – just to smooth things out, if you know what I mean”

“My friends were saying that they never see me any more in the pub, I could tell they were getting concerned about me.”

My friend said he was worried that I would end up as an academic, or even something worse

“One of them took me aside last week and had a quiet word with me about my erratic behavior.  He said he was concerned about me and he loved me, but he was worried that I was going down the wrong road and I’d end up as an academic, or even something worse”

“I think I need help”.

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