Female Scientist To Treat Herself By Presenting Poster And Then Listening To Plenaries By Male Speakers

Female scientist Patience Knight told The Allium today that she was super-duper excited to have the opportunity this week to present a poster at her favorite international conference, while also getting the amazing opportunity of listening to all the male plenary speakers.

“I was so, so grateful to present a poster at the conference”, Dr. Knight told The Allium “heck, as a woman scientist, I’m just happy to be allowed into the conference”.

“But not only do I get to present my poster, I also get to hear all the wonderful male speakers giving their plenary lectures.  Life is good.”

Dr. Knight did admit it was a little odd that four of the five plenary lecturers had published fewer papers than she had and had been cited less often.

“I spoke with the conference organizer, but unfortunately he simply didn’t have any female scientists in his address book – something to do with an operating system glitch.  Oh well, these things happen”.

“It happened to him the last time he organized this meeting too, if I remember correctly.  Boy, he needs to get himself a new computer”.

“But he did give me a great tip on a wonderful nail salon just down the road from the convention center, so I’m going to get right onto that just after this huge treat of presenting my poster and listening to all the male plenary lectures.”

“Then when I get back to my university, I’ll have great nails when I sit on all those committees that have obligatory 50:50 male:female composition, even though the university only has 30% female professors, so I get the added treat of sitting so many more of these things than my male counterparts.”

“I’m so grateful for all this equality”.

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