Facebook Intern To Donate 99% Of His Wealth To Area Sandwich Shop

Palo Alto, CA – Facebook intern and computer science student, Art Sellers, announced in a facebook status update to his cat earlier today that he was going to donate 99% of his life savings to his favorite sandwich shop at lunchtime today.

In the heartwarming story, bound to restore your faith in humanity, Mr. Sellers, outlined how he was going to use his savings to obtain the maximum possible benefit for humanity.

“I am going to use my money to feed the hungry at this holiday time and to advance human potential”, said Mr. Sellers.  “In this case, “the hungry” is me and I think I have the potential to not starve to death until this evening, if I use my money properly”.

Speculation was rife today concerning the exact amount of wealth that Mr. Sellers had available in the form of ready cash.  Some pundits have suggested he might have up to seven whole dollars.

“I have a feeling I might have saved enough to buy the one with the extra cheese”, said a triumphant Mr. Sellers.


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