Emotional Scenes As Grad Student Says Goodbye To Her Favorite Pipette

Tampa Bay, FL – Grad student Olive Green was in floods of tears yesterday as she said goodbye to her favorite pipette, a “Gilson Pipetman Classic”, that she called pee-pee.

Ms Green (37) has just completed studies for her PhD and is now moving to Washington State to work as a post-doc.

The lab was full of emotional scenes and Ms Green had to be comforted by other grad students and post-docs as she broke down several times.

“I knew this day was coming, I mean, I have always known it was coming, but I thought I would be ready for it”, said Ms Green, before breaking down once again.

Nobody else knows what we shared together – Ms Green

“I’ve known pee-pee since I first took her out of the box and saw her for the first time.  It feels like yesterday”.

“Nobody else has held her so lovingly, nobody else knows what we shared together.  I just cannot believe our time together is over…..forever.”

At this point, one of the other grad students offered the opinion that she would have a new pipette in Washington State, but at this suggestion, Ms Green flew into violent a fit of rage shouting “NOBODY CAN REPLACE PEE-PEE, PEE-PEE IS MINE.”

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