UK News: Head Of Bath University Retires So She Can Spend More Time With Her Money

Bath UK: Vice Chancellor of Bath University, Glynis Breakwell, has announced that she is stepping down from her position in order to spend some much-needed time with her money.

Breakwell, who has attracted some controversy for her salary of  £468,000 per annum, will remain on full pay until early 2019, when she will actually retire. Until then, she will carry on as Vice Chancellor, on full pay, before going on sabbatical, on full pay, but then she will retire properly and get to spend more time with her money.

The students at the university, ungrateful for all the wonderful university-ing they got for the £39,000 per month they paid, still plan on staging a strike.  This, we are assured, will be as useful as teats on a bull.

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