Teresa May outraged as French scientist continues to use his French name, despite working in Britain

Downing Street, UK:  Prime Minister Theresa May is reported to be outraged that a French scientist working in the UK has insisted on continuing to use his French name when there is a perfectly good English equivalent.

The French scientist, Pierre, has continued to call himself Pierre, despite the existence of the english name Peter, which is the direct translation.

“This is why the overwhelming, enormous, astonishingly large majority of British citizens wanted to get out of the EU”, said Mrs May “so we didn’t have to listen to this kind of thing”.

“I mean, sure, Pierre is developing a nanotechnology approach to delivering precise anti-cancer compounds to the exact location of the tumour, but he is CALLING HIMSELF PIERRE while doing it”, said Mrs May.

“This is unacceptable to us here in our bunker in Downing Street”.

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