Swipe Right: Harvard Undergrad Entry To Be Handled By Tinder

Harvard have once again shown that they can change with the times.  They have teamed up with the tech company that invented Tinder and have developed an app that will decide entry into the ivy league school.

“The way in which it works is that the student swipes right on the course they want and if the course directors swipe right on the student – bingo – the student has a place in Harvard”, said Dean of the medical faculty, Professor Billy Rubin

The App – provisionally named IvyTinder – will allow a high schooler to set up a profile, add a small photograph and a short biography.  The academic staff at Harvard will then be able to see this profile and either swipe right or swipe left on the profile.

Students that have the highest number of academic staff swipe right on their profile will be offered a place in Harvard.

“We have been afraid for years that we were not really getting the best students coming to Harvard and many of them were surprisingly unattractive.  We wanted to open up the application process and now with this app, anybody with a mobile phone can apply to Harvard”.

“Our staff are really excited about it and we were pleasantly surprised by how many of them were already quite familiar with the technology”

“From here on, the Harvard graduate will not only be guaranteed to be clever, but also hot”.

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