Nature Genetics to “Seriously Consider” publishing a non-GWAS paper

London – The premier publication Nature Genetics indicated Friday that it might consider publishing a manuscript that does not involve a Genome-Wide Association Study.

This radical move has taken some people in the scientific community by complete surprise and responses to the news have been quite variable.

“I don’t want to invoke a slippery-slope argument, or seem like I’m reacting hysterically”, said Professor Gene Eos, Deputy Vice Director for GWAS studies and Chair of GWAS technologies at The Broad Institute, “but this could really, really, really be the beginning of the end – a true catastrophe”.

“We could end up publishing in one of those other journals that I have heard about”, said Professor Eos, visibly shaken by the news.

The Allium contacted the Beijing Genomics Institute, but all spokespersons were too upset to comment.

Staff at the Sanger Institute were reported to be trying to calm down with some tea.



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