Kim Jong-Un Expresses Solidarity With Leadership of UC Davis

Pyongyang, North Korea – In a letter sent today to the leadership of UC Davis, Kim Jong-Il said that he understood what they are going through and how people misunderstood the burden of leadership and the need to try to scrub bad news out.

It emerged this week in an article written by the sacramento Bee that UC Davis had spent $175,000 trying to scrub the internet clean of references to the casual use of pepper spray on a student protest in November 2011.

“I have seen with great pleasure the wonderful work of Guardians of UC Davis in 2011 as they tickled students with their pepper spray”, said the letter “It was very gentle and showed that leadership of UC Davis love students very very much”.

“Fortunately, in our country, we only have happy students, but I recognise problem of how to handle these dissidents, which I think is best done by use anti-tank missiles”.

“In future, I advise the UC Davis to just shoot at students with rocket launchers or anti-tank missiles, it is much more effective”.

“Now you have problem of do-gooders trying to not let you get bad news off internet. My solution is to shoot do-gooders with anti-tank missile.  We have no do-gooders in North Korea, only happy people”.

“If UC Davis want help, I happy to help for little while. I come over help with these unhappy students, make them happy again.  Mostly by using anti-tank missiles”.

Here is video of happy students and staff

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