Karolinska Institute To Troll Bob Dylan By Offering Him Chemistry Nobel Prize

Today the Karolinska Institute announced that in 2018 they would offer Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “just for shits and giggles”.

Mr. Dylan has only recently picked up his Nobel Prize in Literature, due to the fact that he was “busy”.

A spokesperson for the Institute told The Allium today that they were going to troll Mr. Dylan every year until they ran out of Nobel Prizes to award.

“We are then hoping to enlist the MacArthur Foundation and we are in talks with the International Mathematical Union to see if they would do a one-off change of their rules, so we can award him a Fields Medal as well”.

“This is a new thing for us, we have never trolled any of our prize winners before, but if he can do it to us, then I dont see why we cannot do it to him.

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