Every Technology To Be Called a “Next-Generation” Technology From Now On

It was announced today that from here on, and to avoid confusion, every scientific and engineering technology is to be officially called a next-generation technology.

“There has been too much confusion in the literature”, said renowned next-generation scientist Professor Hans Olo, “we need standards and the simplest standard is to call everything a next-generation technology, or next-gen for short.

“From here on, when a scientist uses his next-generation computer to write his next-generation manuscript, about his next-generation findings that were carried out on his next-generation lab equipment, then they are free to use the phrase next-generation to describe everything they do.

“Did you buy the machine in the last five years? Then it is a next generation machine. Did you carry out the research in the last five years? Then it is next generation research.”

“You can, on occasion call it “future generation” or a “lead generation” technology, but this will make you look pretentious and people will think you are a psychopath.”

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