BREAKING: Facebook To Introduce “Stop F**king Showing Off” Button

MENLO PARK – CA: Facebook Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg announced today that for the first time ever, FaceBook is going to change its “like” button so you have the option of clicking a “Stop Fucking Showing Off” button.

Speaking to The Allium Ms. Sandberg said “It became increasingly obvious that about 98% of Facebook users were just posting up stuff so they could make others feel crap.”

“In our continuing efforts to improve FaceBook and make it more like real life, we want to implement a way of taking these ass****es down a peg or two”.

“So when somebody says “I feel so blessed and humbled to be here in Tibet”, you can now hit them with the “SFSO” button.

“Or when your frenemy says “I never expected to get such a great job, I guess hard work and being really smart does actually pay off”……SFSO.

Or  “Today I start my PhD in Harvard”….SFSO.

Or “OMG I had to turn down dinner with Barack Obama because I’m in the middle of an experiment”.  No you didn’t and….SFSO.

Or “I can’t believe I got into this tuxedo, it hasn’t fitted me since I was 18″….SFSO.

We expect this button to be used on almost every status update from now on.

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