Boss Now Calling Every Lab Project A “Moonshot” For Some Reason

La Jolla, CA – Lab boss Professor Brock Lee has taken to calling every single project in the lab a “moonshot” at this stage, much to the horror and confusion of everybody in the lab.

Grad students in the lab first noticed this behavior at the end of 2015, but since the start of 2016, it now seems that every ordinary research project is sadly being called a “moonshot”.

“Sometimes I am just filling a bottle with sterile water and Dr. Lee walks past telling somebody that I’m doing something for our aquatic moonshot”, said post-doc Claire Annette Reed.

“Yesterday he told somebody that he doesn’t want to just innovate, he wants real moonshots in the lab”

“Every paper is a moonshot, every grant proposal, every lab seminar.”

“We preferred it when he would just say every project was “Thinking outside the box”.”

“We never thought we would be looking back fondly at the days of thinking outside the box.”

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