Scientists Close to Making Matter from Flour, Eggs and Milk

Scientists have reported today that they are tantalisingly close to making matter from flour, eggs and milk.

“We are pretty sure we can make some matter from these ordinary household items”, said lead scientist Dr. Chris Cross.

“We have been working on the protocol for several years now, but essentially, we will release the internal contents of the eggs using a fracturing technique against the side of a metal vessel and then use a spatula with long tines in an effort to dissociate the materials in the eggs – this is one of the most fundamental parts of the process. ¬†Without this step – which is necessary, but not sufficient for the method to work – we simply would not have any matter at the end.”

“Next we place the dissociated egg, along with their nuclei – colloquially known as “the yolk” – into the flour, which is a super-dry fraction of plant material.”

“We also add the milk, which is a creamy biomaterial, also necessary for the matter”.

“In the end, we will heat the matter on a flat metal surface in order to convert it onto a replica of the milky way solar system – a pancake-shaped yellowish disc.

“That’s Science.”

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