Liverpool Scientist Builds Exact Replica Of Large Hadron Collider, Using 3D Printer

Liverpool, UK – A scientist in Liverpool, England completed the building of a replica of the Large Hadron Collider yesterday, entirely using a 3D printer.  He is hoping to power the particle accelerator up next week.

The scientist, Dr. Adam Baum, said to The Allium 

“In the process, we managed to use more than 7 Million litres of plastic for the 3D printer, most of which was lying around in places where previously it had been covering copper wires.”

The Liverpool Large Hadron Collider – known as the LLHC – is using a variety of magnets, many of whom have been anonymously donated by local owners of electric cars.

“We are excited about starting it up next week, though we are still not quite sure if a Large Hadron Collider can work if it is made of plastic instead of concrete and metal.  It’s a bit bendy in places, but we have all our fingers and toes crossed.”

“Some colleagues have suggested I should try to figure it out using mathematics.”

“Nonetheless, we are hoping to go to 8TeV by next Tuesday.”

“After that, we hope to print a DeLorean car and some Star Wars figures, though those Star Wars figures can be tricky.”, said Dr. Baum.

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