Hippie finds out too late that she has signed up for an astronomy class

EXETER UK – Aging hippie Saffron Peace Lilly found out Monday that she had signed up to an astronomy class by mistake.

“In fairness, it is a pretty easy mistake to make”, said Peace Lilly, who is the owner of one of the finest collections of  crystals in the south of England.

“I developed a method of divining my own future by mixing mint tea leaves and rabbit shit and scattering the mixture on the ground while in a daydream when I have buttercup flowers in my hair”.

“This has always been the best way for me to figure out what to do with my future – it was how I met fourteen of my husbands”.

“Somehow, it seems not to have worked this time.  I mean, the course is all about stars and stuff, so that’s good.  But not once has anybody mentioned Sagittarius or Leo or anything.  They just keep talking in equations – it’s not cool”.

“Maybe I should go collecting some more rabbit shit”.

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