Breakthrough: First Photons Of Light Emerge From Science Bloggers Ass

After seven years blogging and tweeting, it was confirmed today that a stream of photons have emerged from the ass of a well-known science blogger.

The blogger has spent 40,000 tweets telling the world how awesome he is and already holds the Guinness Book Of Records Record for the most Humblebrags on a blogspot account.

Physicists believe that the tweet that finally ignited the stream of photons was the one about how he was “so delighted for my co-authors for our most recent paper, I knew I was leading great people”.

It is believed this particularly nauseating humblebrag succeeded for the first time in history to cross an event horizon and thus the photons started to emerge.

When asked about this phenomenon, the tweeter said “Well, I have spent long enough blowing sunshine up there, it was bound to come back out sometime.”


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