Biologist admits to being “A bit jealous” of physicists right now

In an interview with The Allium today, Stanford Biologist, Dr. Lou Zahr, admitted that he is a bit jealous of physicists right now.

“I gotta admit, all this Big Bang stuff is pretty cool”, said Dr. Zahr, sitting in the Palo Alto office he shares with Dr. Molly Keuhl, “We just never get results like this in biology”.

“R=0.2 plus or minus 0.05? Try getting that kind of clean result from RNA-seq data”.

“Physicists keep talking about how they are looking for minuscule amounts of signal. Have they ever tried qPCR?”

“It makes you wonder how difficult Physics really is.”

“We just have to step up, now – go big or go home. We need to double-down on the Sabre-Tooth Tiger de-extinction program, the chimeric whale-goat project and the Liam Neeson cloning initiative”.

“The coffee room is going to suck for the next couple of weeks and we just gotta deal with it. Its going to take more than a few fluorescent stem cell photographs to knock the smiles off their [the physicists] faces”.

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