Astrophysicists pretty sure biologists are doing it wrong, after finding of rings on Chariklo asteroid

Astrophysicists across the globe pretty much agreed today that biologists “really don’t get it” and they “probably need to pay a bit of attention to how we do it”.

This conclusion was reached after the second major astrophysics finding in two weeks was been made public.

Nature published news today of the finding that the asteroid Chariklo, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus in the outer solar system possesses two distinct rings – a finding that has taken the scientific community by storm.

The gravitational interactions from small moons may be keeping the orbiting material in ring form, scientists said.

These findings have been an amazing boost for astrophysics, coming so soon after the announcement of the discovery of the remnants of the Big Bang.

Astrophysicist Lance Boyle, speaking to The Allium on condition of anonymity said “I think they just have to step up at this stage. It has been 13 years since the announcement of the human genome and there really hasn’t been any good biology story since then. In physics we can come up with two major discoveries in just two weeks, I really think biologists are simply doing it wrong.”

The Allium was only able to make contact with one biologist who was prepared to speak on the issue. ┬áIn a prepared statement, he said “Yes, we really need to take some lessons from these astrologists.”

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