planet made from cannabis

Astronomers Discover New Planet Made Entirely Of Weed

Astronomer Helen Whiels announced today that she and her colleagues had discovered a new [thirstylink linkid=”1728″ linktext=”planet” class=”thirstylink” title=”planet”] made entirely of Cannabis.

The discovery was made by Dr. Whiels when she was on a research expedition to Hawaii where they were using a Leica 7.7 Meter telescope.

“It was so great to find this totally awesome planet”, said Dr. Whiels to the assembled world media.

“This is, like, the first, like, planet of its kind, so that’s pretty awesome”, said the astronomer.

“We were, like, out at the telescope for, like, days and days and days and days and days, before we saw this new planet and it was totally awesome.”

“Its really, really far away, or else very small”, said the researcher.

“Can’t believe it’s made from, like, weed”, said Dr. Whiels.

“This is, like, the first planet of its kind and it’s awesome”

“The planet, you know, is really, really, really, really far away.”

The press conference ended quickly as Dr. Whiels indicated that she was feeling very hungry and was looking for chocolate.

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