Astronomers Devastated As Two New Planets Found To Be Dirt on Telescope Lens

Madrid, Spain – The world of Astrophysics has been thrown into turmoil today, just four days after the announcement that our solar system is likely to have two more planets.

In an exclusive interview with The Allium, Prof Carlos de la Fuente Marcos has revealed that his announcement four days ago that there may be two new super-planets at the edge of our solar system is likely to be incorrect, after he found that there were two small spots of dirt on his telescope lens.

“I had delegated the lens cleaning to my graduate student, Hector, but did Hector clean it properly?  No, Hector is too busy with the girls and not busy enough with the lens cleaning.”

Graduate student, Hector, who was responsible for cleaning the lenses now faces a tribunal of inquiry into how the two spots of dirt remained on the lens, after he was supposed to have cleaned it.

Hector confirmed to The Allium that he is not too devastated by the whole thing.

“For four days, I have had more attention from girls than the rest of my entire life put together.”

“Do you know how hard it is for an astrophysicist to get a little action?”

“I regret nothing”.




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