Rumor: Next version of Python programming language to be called “Burmese Python”

The Allium can exclusively reveal that the next version of the Python programming language will not be called Python 4.0, instead the programming language is going to get a makeover and its name is to be changed to Burmese Python.

An insider at Python said that the reason behind the decision was to mirror the decade of success at Apple, where successive releases of the operating system were named after big cats.

“We felt that PERL was making a comeback and nobody really wants to go back to programming in PERL”, said the source, “so we had to figure out how to make Python interesting to the new generation of programmers”.

“An old saw of programming is that good programmers borrow, great programmers steal, so we have simply stolen Apple’s idea and we are using it on Python”.

“For the next decade, each new version of the language will be named after a kind of snake. Small upgrades like the next one will simply see the name change from Python to Burmese Python. Bigger upgrades will mean we change snake completely and change the name of the language to Rattler or Viper or Asp”.

When asked about the origin of the name Python, from the Monty Python sketch show, our insider replied that this was just a story to make the language sound cool, but really, it was always about snakes.

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