Probably the best marriage ever.

Inter-faith marriage: Bayesian and Frequentist tie the knot

New York – Noted Yale Bayesian Dr. Cal Culus and Harvard frequentist Dr. Poly Nomial got married Friday at what some friends said was probably, or indeed quite likely, an intimate ceremony.

“You could always count on this couple to organize a great party”, said Dee Rivative, a friend of the couple “it would be irrational to think otherwise”.

“I have to confess that I thought it was unlikely that a bayesian and a frequentist would ever cross the divide and get married and I was slightly negative about it initially, but since then I have become significantly more positive”.

When asked about her hopes and aspirations for the future, Dr. Nomial said that she was 100% certain that they would have a wonderful life together, while Dr. Culus said, that was a little naiive, given that 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Unfortunately, they had an argument at the function at this point and the after-math was not pretty.

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