Study Reveals For 99% Of Grant Proposals, Workpackage 4 Was Just Stuck On At The End

A study by Oxford University has found that 99% of all grant proposals contained workpackage four that was just stuck on at the end because the rest of the proposal seemed a bit light without a fourth workpackage.

Author of the study Prof. Dinah Soares confirmed to The Allium that in fact for those grant proposals that were actually funded, the success rate of workpackage 4 was about 10%, because it was never really part of the plan in the first place.

“We found that most scientists really only have enough ideas for one or two workpackages, but they feel they must put in at least three, otherwise the Gantt chart looks a bit lame.  Then with 24 hours to the deadline, they realise their ideas need “something more”, so they invent a fourth workpackage on the spot and write it into the grant.

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