A real model of the proposed Ferrari Genome Sequencer
A real model of the proposed Ferrari Genome Sequencer

Ferrari to launch new next-gen sequencer aimed at wealthier laboratories

Maranello, Italy РIn a surprise change of direction for their business, Ferrari announced today that they are to begin manufacture of a range of luxury next-generation sequencing machines, aimed at the upper end of the market.

“We no see this machine [to be] for regular laboratories.”, said spokesperson Gianni Accusato, “This is aimed at the real “hot-shit” laboratories that wanna display their style, their class”.

“This sequencer, she go from zero to 40 billion nucleotides in six seconds, easy.”

“We make it in Ferrari Red, of course and we put in the eight-speed gearbox, so you go fast as you like”.

“Only gear we no use is reverse”, said Mr. Accusato, with a smile.

Industry analysts were at first sceptical about this new entrant into the genomic sequencing market, however,  Ferrari are also rumoured to be giving a free baseball cap away with every purchase, which, according to economists is very likely to be irresistible for the geeks that buy sequencers.

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