FBI - Completely Confused
FBI - Completely Confused

FBI Finally Uncover What Grant Proposal Was All About

J. Edgar Hoover Building, DC – The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mr James Comey has confirmed to The Allium today that they have in fact finally deciphered an NSF grant application that was submitted several weeks ago.

“We have had people working in our offices for decades and they had never seen something to confusing and bewildering”, said Mr Comey “Some of our most seasoned pros were reduced to tears.”

“For several weeks we thought we would never make sense of this strange code that was being used by the sender, whom we call “The Immunologist”.”

“There was a strange mix of roman numerals, greek letters and makey-uppie words that we just could not understand. We still cannot decipher NF-κB.  We think it is just put in there to confuse us further.”

“We hope that we never have to do something so difficult ever again.”

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