Torvalds Announces Plans To Change Linux Line Endings To Letter Z

Linus Torvalds, founder of the linux operating system has announced today that he is hoping to change the line endings in linux, so that the letter Z is now going to co-function as a line-ending character.

“The letter Z is rarely used, so it can easily serve this dual function”, said Torvalds earlier today when contacted by The Allium.

“We have found that people that are new to programming or shell scripting were having difficulties with how line-endings worked, so in a radical shake-up of computing, I have decided that we will use the letter Z as a line ending.”

“We feel it will make it easier to teach programming, though we now advise all developers to stop using this letter in any functions they are writing.”

“We see no problem with this plan and we hope to make programming easier and development will be faster.”

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