StackOverflow announces new top-ranking user class: “Punisher”

StackOverflow, the online forum that, together with Google, enables Googling StackOverflow, has announced a new privilege class for its top-ranking users.

“We reward our users’ contributions with extra forum privileges, such as ability to downvote posts or delete questions”, said Jerry Khan, the Grand High Foobar of StackOverflow.

“Inspired by the academic peer review system, we realized that people will donate their time and expertize for free in exchange for the opportunity to lord it over others and work out whatever career frustrations or psycho-sexual issues they may be burdened with in everyday life”.

The new user class, “Punisher”, will kick in at 50,000 reputation-points. Privileges will include the ability to beat other users who post vague or duplicate questions, “with a rod no thicker than your thumb”.

When questioned on the potential for physical harm, Mr Khan replied “Meh. By the time our users garner sufficient reputation to achieve Punisher status, their muscles will have atrophied to the point where the beating would feel like an attack from an angry butterfly.”

StackOverflow are also said to be considering a 100,000 reputation-point user class, “Licence to Try to Kill”.

Other institutions that have adopted StackOverflow’s user hierarchy scheme include the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the benevolent leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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