North Korea Celebrates as Kim Jong Un Discovers Structure of DNA

Pyongyang, North Korea – Celebrations were well underway last night as North Koreans applauded their supreme leader for personally discovering the chemical structure of DNA.

Professor Un made his discovery late yesterday when he was experimenting in his personal laboratory, using a system of experimentation he calls leg’o, a system he hopes to patent soon.

Using the brightly colored plastic blocks of his high-tech laboratory, Professor Lord Un had a brainwave at approximately 6:03pm and by 6:04pm he had written the publication detailing his discovery.

DNA looks remarkably like a house.

To celebrate his discovery, Sir Un had several of his relatives shot, because they implied he was only “fooling around”.

Dr. Un told The Allium that he was now moving into a different area of chemistry and was hoping to discover a chemical reaction that would generate heat from simple materials like wood or coal.

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