Wolf Reveals Embarrassment At Finding Out He Is Related To Corgis

A European Grey Wolf revealed today that he was “absolutely mortified” when scientists told him he was in fact related to corgis.

“I was like, huh?”, said the wolf in an exclusive interview with The Allium “How can this be possible?”

“But the evolutionary biologists showed me a phylogenetic tree and sure enough, there they were on the same tree as me.  It’s just embarrassing really”

“Here I am, master of my domain, king of the wild, feared by all. And there they are…..Corgis”

“Right now I can’t even”.

“Have they no pride?”

“They make movies about Werewolves.  Are they EVER going to make a movie about a Werecorgi?  No, I didn’t think so.”

“When they needed a badass killer in Game of Thrones, did they call him “the corgi”?  Again….no.”

“Next time I meet a bear, I don’t know how I am going to put a brave face on”

At this point the wolf shed a small tear.

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