Pope Francis To Award Sainthood To All Microbiome Researchers

Vatican City – Pope Francis announced today that he was going to award automatic sainthood to all microbiome researchers worldwide for “Doing God’s Work”.

This move, which came as no surprise to anybody, will almost double the number of saints overnight.

“The pope has long been a fan of microbiome studies and their power to bring healing and to sooth troubled microbial interactions”, said a spokesperson from the Vatican.

In May 2015 the Pope released a statement to the press where he said “The microbiome is important, but it must be our servant and not our master.  Those who help us to understand our own products are indeed the servants of The Lord and I will make saints of each and every one of those beautiful, beautiful people.”

The Pope has since tweeted his support for Microbiome research on several occasions



Speculation is now mounting that he is to announce sainthood for supporters of Open Access publication and those who make their code available on GitHub.

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