People Who Don’t Care About GWAS “A Threat To Civilization”

Washington DC – American President Barack Obama came out today saying that people that did not care about genome-wide association studies were a threat to our way of life.

Sources close to the president said that he is furious about how some people “didn’t seem to care about” and even worse “some do not believe” GWAS studies.

Obama stopped short of declaring war on people that didn’t care about GWAS, but he warned that such apathy will not be tolerated in the future.

“The problem is that if we tolerate somebody today saying they didn’t care about SNPs, then tomorrow they won’t care about copy-number variation and in three years time there will be anarchy in the streets”.

“So, I say to those people that don’t care about GWAS – We got Bin Laden, don’t think we can’t find you sitting in your basement with your cracked copy of MatLab.”

“This is about freedom and I want to ensure that you and your families are free to believe GWAS studies.”

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